We too have a Style! We too have a Style! - Questioning and Subverting the Masculine Stereotype in Fashion through the Designs of Neil Grotzinger.


  • kusmith jai student




queer fashion, gender stereotypes, social acceptance, fashion studies, Neil Grotzinger


The social stigma of masculine and feminine, the constant struggle between manly strength and womanly sensitivity, God’s other human creations, labeled as ‘the queer’ are highly neglected even in modern times. Queers’ struggle for acceptance even in the creative fields is sorer to accept than in the commercial fields.  Hence, this research focuses on the role and scope of gender agnostic designers and designs in the fashion industry. By questioning and subverting the masculine stereotype and its effects on the creative non-normative brains through the special study of life and designs of Neil Grotzinger; whose mission was to tease society's notion of masculinity and lavish them with intricate embroidery and embellishments that had been previously reserved for women and brought that into menswear. This research conclusively evaluates the effects of Neil Grotzinger’s designs on the male, female, and queer genders and the fashion industry and thus evaluates the scope of queer fashion in the mainstream fashion industry.







Languages, Aesthetics, Bodies: The Queer Within Cinema and Audiovisual Media