Identifying a queer aesthetic in amateur video manipulations of Disney content as part of a utopian visualisation of lesbian desires




fan studies, amateur content, Disney, queer desire, media studies


In traditional applications of queer theory onto the cinematic medium, reading the subtext as a spectator becomes the main way in which queerness can be uncovered within past texts that might at first glance be considered part of the heteronormative sphere. However, I intend to upend this notion by foregrounding the work being done by online video editors to reformulate one of the more traditional culture makers; Disney, through a re-contextualisation of their animated canon to create an exploration of lesbian desire. By analysing the aesthetic concerns of these videos, freely available on YouTube, from their jagged editing seams to their wide-ranging narrative paths, a link will emerge between amateur fan content and the queer spectator as an active participant rather than a passive watcher. I will take this link to its inevitable conclusion, that digital bodies severed from their original context prove fertile grounds for the next steps in the intersection of queer theory and fan studies.

Author Biography

Isabella Macleod, King's College London

A recent gradute in a MA in Film Studies at King's College London, where she completed a dissertation on working class British motherhood on screen. In undergrad, she wrote for Mapping Contemporary Cinema at, including an editorial on Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014). She has published multiple pieces on and She has a forthcoming chapter in Culture: Raise ‘Low’, Rethink ‘High’: An Exploration of the Academic Potential of So-called ‘Low’ Culture on how identity is constructed within fanfiction. You can follow her on twitter at @robotissy.






Languages, Aesthetics, Bodies: The Queer Within Cinema and Audiovisual Media

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