Meet the queer families: A roadmap towards legal recognition

Editor’s introduction


  • Nausica Palazzo The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



queer families, legal recognition


‘What is family?’ is an impossible question. Singular definitions in the legal realm are predominant in the West. Such definitions are no longer tenable. The concept of family has been put under strain by both empirical and normative evolutions concerning the ways in which we do family. More generally, family arrangements have reached unusual levels of complexity. Queer families are slowly gaining social and, to a limited extent, legal visibility

All articles within this themed section engage with the topic of the law/queer families relationship. This topic should be nested within the larger framework of queer theories and their connection with law. To sum up, a recurring question is: ‘Is law a good idea?’. In turn, locating the question whether law is a good idea in the context of family is a useful resource to seek an answer, however plural, inconclusive, and tentative.






Meet the queer families: A roadmap towards legal recognition